Kevin Chiotis: Of a Kid, Bricks and Doors
(June 2015)

The following is perhaps my favourite little personal story from the early days
of being a Doors fan. I was 7 years old when I discovered and started collecting
the Doors albums back in 1983, and here's what happened a few years later.

For Christmas 1987, my Grandmother took the 11 year old me to our family in
England. Already a music fanatic for several years, I found a new interest in
Lego Technic that Christmas Day as one of my presents was set number 8040.
A couple of days later my cousin took me to London for a day. Christmas money
in my pocket, we headed for Hamley's, the legendary massive Regent Street
toys shop. Just having spent all my savings there on more Lego Technic sets,
we visited HMV in Oxford Street... My jaw dropped, I was stunned: never before
had I seen that much Doors product! I did have all the albums at the time, and
probably one or two books and a video, but there was something in HMV that day;
I just had to have it.

It was the VHS video "A Tribute to Jim Morrison" ... Skint, I turned to my cousin
and asked him would it be possible to lend me the money, Nan would surely pay
him back and I would settle things with her - nowadays we simply grab our phones
and ring to ask, but in those days it was an entirely different world. No sooner said
than done, and I returned home with both new toys and a Doors VHS.

Odd, thinking about it after all this time... Yet seeing that kids nowadays are no
different in falling for the Doors and classic bands and artists in general, it is my
hope that many a similar story exists out there!

The young chap in the added photo is me of course, aged exactly 11.

Kevin Chiotis for the Doors Quarterly Magazine Online - June 2015.