Kathryn McElroy
(June 2015)

The first time I'd heard the beautifully hypnotic strains of The Doors sound wafting out
of the FM car radio, it was 1969 and I was all of ten. It was literally, the beginning of
the end for them. I had just begun to set apart their unique sound in my young mind,
when only two summers later, I heard this on the radio: 'Jim Morrison, lead singer of
The Doors, has been found dead in his Paris apartment'. At the time, I could not
conceive what the world had lost.

One of the best moments I've ever had listening to music was the first time I heard
Crystal Ship. I was living in Little Rock, Arkansas and was driving home after work,
rather bored and sullen. It was around eight o'clock in the evening and this big,
beautiful moon was in the sky, but that still didn't do anything to lift my spirits.
I reached over and snapped on the radio and it happened to be at the very beginning
of a song: 'Before... you... slip into unconsciousness, I'd... like to have... another kiss'
Literally my jaw dropped. What a mesmerizing, hypnotic and beautiful song! It lifted
me up immediately! The moon seemed a little brighter and the stars seemed to shine
more intensely. It took me right out of my sullen mood and made me feel that the
world had endless possibilities. That song was transformational for me.

Over the next several decades, I fell in love with The Doors sound and have read
everything I can get my hands on and have listened to every song. I am such a big
fan that a friend (now deceased), did a faux magazine cover for my Birthday.
He had a great sense of humor like Jim Morrison!

Kathryn McElroy for the Doors Quarterly Magazine Online - June 2015.